Dedicated to preserving the long lost art of body modification in housepets.



Constriction vessels

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For Beginners:

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The Glass Cylinder with specially-designed plastic cap, is a favorite for newbies. Cap includes integral coupling for vent tube.

The Plastic Box allows experimentation with custom hole placement at very low cost.

The Glass Box with pre-drilled side-hole, a favorite. Can be ordered without hole or with custom orifices, please call.

Curved Forms:

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The Domehead useful for binding in the "oriental style" now becoming popular on the continent.

The Sphere surprisingly challenging, requires use of deep tissue inflation techniques to prevent coiling.

The German Cylinder a finely-crafted cylinder of narrow aspect which includes the amusing "tail pip" often seen in old German and Austrian examples.

The Conic Cylinder having an extreme aspect ratio, flare can be used in either direction. Can be challenging.


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The Klein for the very experienced practitioner. Tail fusion doubles as a convenient carrying handle for the finished kitty. Rarely successful, but award-winning when it works.

The Antagonistic Hound a novelty and ontological commentary, clear plastic canine shape.

The Metal Strap Cage many customers use this model without intubation.

The Wire Cage another bit of whimsy, the vessel is simply a wire-frame rat trap. Produces an attractive stippled effect on the surface of the kitty that will be the envy of friends and neighbours.

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